At Juniper kitchens, we are dedicated to creating the perfect bespoke furniture for all types of room. We provide a professional service through design, manufacture, and installation. We believe in, maintaining the close relationship between the creative process making with our clients and our manufacturing of the furniture products. We only want the highest quality in both our designs and how we locally handcraft our pieces. We want them to be personalised to each of our individual clients as this creates a distinct feel to the pieces as they will fit perfectly within your home, whether it is a kitchen cabinet design and installation or standalone items perfect for a dining room set.

We also strongly believe that our military experience has been key to our success journey as we have developed and honed our skills with woodwork and joinery. We have learned and developed much of skill during our time as Apprentices at the Royal Engineers Apprentice Colleges in the British Army. So, we can transfer our military precision and expertise to each project that we get behind. And in terms of our dedication to customer satisfaction, this is paramount to us as a company. We are committed to transparency and friendly connections with our clients as we want to assure that our products and services will be delivered to the highest standard that you require.

Accumulatively between us, we have over 20 years’ worth of experience in different areas such as carpentry and joinery, in which we are able to provide informed and confident advice to our clients. Our design process is strategically planned, and our manufacturing is always to the highest standard. We are passionate about our work and in every project, we only want the best outcome for our clients and want to leave them confident and happy with the overall process that we have undertaken together.