We can provide an extensive range of free-standing pieces along the same theme as the kitchen range. These standing pieces include hand crafted dressers and sideboards, perfect for placing in your dining room or breakfast room to keep all your plates and cutlery neatly inside, allowing you extra storage in addition to the kitchen. We also offer hand craft larders and drawer packs which are ideal for homes that need additional space for food storage or where extra cupboard and drawer space is helpful to the home owner.

The options of where to position these items of furniture are endless. For instance, these pieces can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen in an adjoining room such as a dining room. Dining rooms are perfect spaces to add additional storage for items such as crockery, serving dishes and cutlery etc. Or alternatively, they can be completely stand alone in any other room, as that will then become a stand out feature of the room. For example, it could be a beautiful set of drawers in your living room that may display your finest keepsakes that you want to show off to friends and family. Additionally, it will become a talking point and something that you can centre things around.

All our furniture is built with the same high-quality standards as our kitchens.  We only ever use good quality materials, which are sustainable and are built to last. The furniture that we so carefully hand craft and create we want to ensure that you can take with you once you move into new spaces. As we want you to have products that you will be proud of and love for many years rather than items that will easily fall apart or discolour that you will end up having to replace in future years. This is something that we pride ourselves in, by using well supported and responsible suppliers that are highly regarded in our industry.