We design and create handcrafted kitchens that are unique and personal to each of our clients. Our kitchens are entirely bespoke, our skilled craftsmen personally design and hand-build them to suit your living space. We have three main types of kitchen that we offer.

1. Firstly we offer a traditional shaker cabinetry.  This type of bespoke cabinetry is made using a mixture of modern and traditional skills to achieve a timeless classic. We believe that sometimes the classic is the best look as it will always look effortlessly aesthetically pleasing. We are happy to offer this traditional service as on a fully fitted or supply only basis.

2. We also offer Contemporary design cabinetry. If you are looking for a more unique contemporary looking kitchen then this is ideal for you. We can hand-craft handless and push to open options that offer a more contemporary modern aspect to the kitchen space. This creates a contemporary and up-to-date aesthetic to the room and can completely transform the look into something that is stylish and unique. We are happy to simply supply the cabinets to you or if you would like us to fully fit them then that’s fine also.

3. Our third service is the Truly bespoke cabinetry, we offer any option or any style, reproduction of existing cabinets or completely new design. The sky is the limit and our highly trained joiners can produce incredible joinery. This service is perfect for our clients that have strong ideas for design and how they would like their kitchen to look, as we can partner together to create the overall desired vision that they have for their space. Our experienced installation team are dedicated to ensuring your kitchen is fitted to the highest level and will place everything exactly where it is designed to be.